An iconic, foundation power move in which a bboy continuously rolls from his back/shoulders onto his hands, forearms or head while keeping both legs straight and outstretched in an “almost splits” position so that the body forms the shape of the letter Y.  When first learning to do windmills, it’s common to start from a “stab” position where your hand is flat on the ground and you’re elbow is tucked (stabbed) tight into your gut on one side of your belly button, with your entire body hunched/balanced over that one arm while you use your other arm and both legs to “wind up” and kick/drop into your windmill. As you get more comfortable with the move and your windmills progress and become faster, they also get easier to do and you will use your hands much less till eventually you don’t use them at all except for the initial drop or when executing combos.

Butt Mills [but-mills]
These are slow, awkward, janky windmills in which you have to stab every rotation just to make it over and continue moving. Butt Mills make the crowd feel ill and you can smell Butt Mills from a mile away because they stink.  Don’t get discouraged, almost every bboy has done a Butt Mill at some point in his career. Note: If you’re not stabbing every rotation but your mills still stink – do your shirt laundry. Also called: Ill Mills, Ass Hats

Mummies [mum-ees]
While in a windmill, cross your arms over your chest like a mummy. Roll up high on your forehead to prevent your fingers from getting pinched under your shoulders as you rotate. Also called: Straight Jackets, Genies

Barrel Mills [bearil-mills]
While in a windmill, extend both arms out in front of you as if  they were wrapped around a barrel. Typically this is done with closed fists and it’s actually more like you’re extending both arms as if you were getting ready to box somebody, only both elbows are raised to the sides at a 90ish or so degree angle. Also called: Vatos, Ferignos

Zombies [zom-bees]
Arms and hands straight out in front of you like a zombie.

Sumos [sue-mos]
This is a windmill where both arms are extended straight down grabbing the knees or just above the knees. When done properly, it gives the effect of an egg beater or electric mixer. Also called: Egg-Beaters

 Peter Pans [peter-pans]
Elbows at 90 degree angles, hands in fists on the sides of your hips.
Also called: Man Mills


Confusions [kun-fewsh-ins] 
A windmill with your hands on your ears, over your eyes or on the sides of your head as if you were making a confused or frustrated gesture or grabbing you’re head as if you had a headache. Also called: Headaches

Angels [angels]
Hands holding your belt in front like you’re showing off a belt buckle.

Nutcrackers [nut-crak-ers]
While in a windmill, grab your nuts with both hands and hold on for dear life. Executing Nutcrackers  accomplishes several different things all at the same time. First, it’s a basic “show of skill” by doing Nutcrackers you’re saying: “I’m sooo GD good at windmills I can do them while holding my nuts” and as everybody knows, holding your nuts while performing any activity, is a telltale sign that you’ve mastered that activity. Second, it’s a diss to your opponent. You’re body language is basically telling him to: “eat these balls” Third, it’s a swagger thing: “I’m rotating so fast that if I don’t hold onto these monsters, there liable to swing right off and tsunami your whole crew son!.” Also called: Nasties, Ball-Breakers

Bottle Openers
Holding one bent knee the other is straight.

 Babies [bay-bees]
Windmills performed with both legs bent, in a sitting position and crossed at the ankles with both arms in the  Barrel Mills position. Technically, Baby Mills could probably be classified as their own separate power move and not as a windmill variation because the technique/s needed to execute Baby Mills varies somewhat from regular windmills. But, for now, we’ve included them here. Some bboys perform Baby Mills in a manner where part of their head is touching the ground the entire time, similar to a Halo. While others use more of a kicking/hopping motion to spin and rotate from their upper back/shoulders around to their front, skipping the head entirely and landing back on their upper back/shoulders, then repeating. Also called: Baby Mills, Munch Mills, Corkscrews

Shackels [shak-ulls]
Baby variation while grabbing ankles.

Beanies [been-ees]
Passing your hat or beanie between your legs or behind your back while you’re rotating.
Also called: Pass the hat

Kuriakis [kew-ree-ah-kees]
A hopping/bouncing windmill where the entire body leaves the ground each rotation.

Germans [ger-mans]
With his body in the same crouched position used for Baby Mills, as the bboy rotates onto his back, one leg taps the ground and pushes off with the foot, while the other leg kicks upward in a semi circular motion. At the same time, both arms swing sideways (in the Barrel Mills position), driving with the elbows and rotating the upper upper torso around. Think of German Mills as Baby Mills, only the legs aren’t crossed at the ankles and one foot taps the ground and kicks off every rotation. Also called: German Mills, Tapping Mills, Spiders

Scissors [siss-ers]
Hands clasped betwen the legs, one arm in front, one arm in back.

HandCuffs [hand-cuffs]
Windmills performed with your hands behind your back  immitating being handcuffed. These are generally performed very high up on the shoulders/head with one hand grasping the wrist or closed fist of the other hand tightly behind the back. Like Nutcrackers, Handcuffs send a strong message to the crowd and to your opponent. I.e., “I can do this s|-|it with my hands tied behind my back son…WHAT!” Handcuffs are generally acknowledged to be more difficult than Nutcrackers and will glean more respect in the cypher.

Sailors [say-lors]
One hand in front and one in back like a sailor taking his hat off and bowing for a lady.

Supermans [sue-per-mans]
A variant of the windmill where the arms are stretched out straight over the head (like Superman) or out to the sides, causing the upper torso to rotate around in front on the chest/stomach. Having a limber\flexible back really helps. Also called: Belly Mills

Highrisers [hi-rise-ers]
This is a variant of superman windmills where the arms are stretched out straight over your head, just like Supermans, but instead of rotating on your chest or stomach, you push yourself  up off your back/shoulders and onto your hands as you rotate around (maintaining standard windmill form with the rest of your body) and onto your back/shoulders again. They’re called Airplanes/Higrises because at one point as you’re rotating around up onto your hands, your entire body is off the ground except for your hands. Also called: Airplanes

1 Handed Supermans
Superman windmills. Body and arms in a position like the statue of liberty.

Tombstones [toom-stones]
Sit down on the ground with your back straight against a wall and your legs together, straight out in front you so that your body is now forming a perfect right angle or L shape…now do windmills like that. Both arms should be in the Barrel Mills position. Also called: Frankensteins, Austrailians

Lotus Mills [low-tus-mills]
Windmills done with the legs crossed over one another, in the lotus yoga or pretzel position.

Criticals [cri-ti-culs]
While performing a windmill, as the bboy is rotating from his back/shoulders to his front, he uses the momentum of his body and kicks with both legs to lift off the ground from his shoulder/head, into a drill position with his entire body and perform a full 1 1/2 turns before landing back on the ground onto his opposite shoulder side. This is another move that I would say is not really classified as a windmill variation, but it is a move that’s done out of a windmill and is usually combo’d right back into windmills.

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